Speaker: Rev. Meghann Robern

The Reverend Meghann Robern is the minister for First UU Winnipeg.

Born This Way… And!

Coordinator: Steve Lennon

The wheel of the year has turned and the Spring Equinox is upon us. Join us for this Whole Church service in which we will use the works of Nick Cave and Lady Gaga to imagine what renewal, growth, and blossoming might feel … read more.

Meditation & Nature (via Zoom)

M.C. Ziegler and Rev. Meghann will explore the role of meditation and nature in reducing stress and increasing our sense of connectedness, aiding us all in developing coping skills to help see us through the next few months.

Meditation & Nature
March 29, 2020

“An early … read more.

I Have All I Need

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern

Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

Healing is not the same as a cure. In this service we will explore the power of both community and individual resilience to help keep hope alive through all our days.

Hymns: 34 Though I … read more.

A Bundle of Sticks

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern

Service Coordinator: Odell Havsdotter

Aesop’s fable about the bundle of sticks teaches us that we are stronger together than alone. But moving past our differences takes both commitment and courage. How can we stay the course?

Hymns: 34 Though … read more.

Return Again

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern

Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

The turning of the seasons of year offers us lessons about how we can choose to live our best lives. Join us for this confluence of the neo-pagan holy day of Imbolc and our congregation’s … read more.

The Question Box

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern

Service Coordinator:  Marian Siemens

Rev. Meghann will delve deep into the Question Box and answer *your* questions live, with no preparation! Join us for a de-constructed service of spontaneity, fun, and revelation. The Rainbow Harmony Choir will be sharing their ministry of … read more.