This Sunday, during the service before our congregational meeting, we will continue our collective work in examining how our choices and actions reflect our shared values and our commitment to making a better world for all. Our touchpoint will be the idea, posed by the … read more.

The Rose

One of the many legacies left to us by the Rev. Norbert Čapek is our annual flower ceremony. What few know outside of UU history classes is that he continued to offer the ceremony to all as a beacon of hope and resilience even when … read more.

I Won’t Make That Mistak Again

“Learning from others’ mistakes has taken all the fun out of making my own.”

~ Dennis van Westerborg

As much as we try to avoid making errors, it is often by our mistakes that we learn important information about ourselves. Mistakes can even lead … read more.

Pilgrimage to Mt. Everest

Dalip Shekhawat is a passionate meditator, ultra runner and mountaineer, and on May 16th 2019, while simultaneously raising funds for St. Amant Centre, Dalip summited Mt. Everest. Dalip believes spiritual seekers have a head start. Through a spiritual regime of reverence and connection with nature, … read more.