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Endowment Fund: History

Since 1891, First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg has been a beloved spiritual home for members and friends, and a shining beacon of liberal religious practice for the larger community.

In order to perpetuate the Church’s values of spiritual diversity, liberal thinking, service and social justice, Reverend John Gilbert and Don McKinnon established an Endowment Fund back in the 1980s as a means to receive gifts from individuals and organizations beyond the regular Church operating budget. The Endowment Fund, in turn, provides ongoing financial support to continue ministry of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg.

In the early years, several campaigns were held to establish the Endowment Fund. More recently, fundraising for the Endowment Fund was put on hold as we concentrated on Capital Fundraising to acquire our present property and build the sanctuary. Still, people continue to give generously to the Endowment Fund so that their values can continue to be expressed and reinforced. Contributions are also made for a variety of other reasons, such as in memory of people whose lives graced ours and in honour of anniversaries or milestones.

Current Status of the Fund

Today, the Endowment Fund consists of approximately $126,000 and is overseen by Trustees who ensure it is managed in accordance with its Investment Policy. Income earned from the Fund’s capital is directed to our Church’s annual operating budget to support Church programs, enhance the buildings and grounds, expand community outreach and/or develop the wider mission of the Church. The Fund’s principal is not used for expenditures, and capital growth is reinvested so as to produce a higher income in the future. The Endowment Fund is a permanent and growing financial resource for the work of our Church.

Leaving something of permanence after we are gone – something that is worthwhile, something that is enduring – is the wish of many people.

One way to accomplish this is to help extend the influence of our Unitarian Universalist movement by making a financial contribution to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg Endowment Fund.

How You Can Contribute

There are several ways you can contribute to the Endowment Fund:

  • Current Gift – An outright gift of money is the simplest method.
  • Gift in Kind – Securities such as mutual funds can be transferred in their existing form.
  • Gift by Will or Insurance – You may designate the Endowment Fund, as distinct from the Church itself, as beneficiary under your will or insurance policy to receive money or property. Bequests made to the Church, without being designated to the Endowment Fund specifically, have historically been used for operating and capital expenses, not Endowment purposes.
  • Gift in Trust – You transfer property to your own trustee with instructions for distribution of the income to you or your family until a certain event when the property will be distributed to the Endowment Fund.
  • Some gifts may be eligible for favourable tax or estate benefits. Your accountant, lawyer or tax advisor will be able to provide specific details.

By making a donation to the Endowment Fund, you support the mission of the Church today and serve as a steward for future generations. You also honour the legacy of those far-sighted individuals who previously financed the Endowment.

So then, what does it mean to you to continue the legacy? Have you made a space in your will for the Endowment Fund? Have you made or will you make smaller gifts, as many people do, to commemorate milestones? Or will you make a donation just because it feels good?

We are grateful for all contributions.

Contact any of the Endowment Fund Trustees to join the legacy builders and make your mark perpetual:

  • Doug Wasyliw
  • Linda Henderson
  • James Watson