Covenant of the FUUW Board of Directors

As members of the Board of Directors, we covenant to keep the best interests of the congregation at heart and to carry out the trust placed in us as guardians of the Mission and Principles and as stewards of the resources of our church. We will embrace and share our experience, wisdom, and gifts in carrying out this work. We will celebrate our diversity by working to create an environment in which all are heard and respected. We will speak the truth in love. As we seek consensus, we will give and accept constructive feedback.

We will faithfully attend and be fully engaged in board meetings. We will show our commitment by being prompt, prepared, and focused. We will follow through with our assigned action items and submit documents for the board meeting review in a timely manner. We will publicly support the decisions and policies of the board.

We will be honest and realistic in our expectations and commitments, both individually and collectively. At the same time we will accept and forgive our failures. As part of a faith community, we will seek to minister to each other, sharing our joys, sorrows, successes, and struggles. We will use our Covenant of Right Relations to help in times of conflict. We respect that our work together in lay leadership by the board is a spiritual practice.

In this spirit, we covenant to further the mission of the congregation as we strive to make real the vision of Unitarian Universalism.

~ Adopted February 21, 2017

Our Board of Directors for 2023-2024

Your Board of Directors is:

  • Claire Nimmagadda – President
  • Peter Miller – Vice President
  • Norm Cobb – Treasurer
  • Marjorie Doyle – Secretary
  • Kris Breckman – Director
  • Paula Keirstead – Director
  • Larry Phillips – Director
  • Bromley Basford – Director

You can contact the Board of Directors at

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