Speaker: Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Finding Unity in Diversity

“Pluralism that reflects no commitments whatever to the common good is pluralism gone berserk,” according to John W. Gardner. Robust pluralism, the diversity that resolves itself in unity, requires sufficient shared values and mutual trust to work. As it turns out, pluralism is more work … read more.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

How do you make decisions? Oftentimes, the choice is easy; other times it may be especially difficult. “We still haven’t figured out any satisfactory systematic way of deciding these things,” observed the late Daniel C. Dennett. “Anything that can relieve the burden of figuring out … read more.

Weaving the Interdependent Web

Long before the Unitarian Universalist Association adopted its current statement of principles, which affirms “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part,” John Ruskin Clark was urging us to adopt a new worldview that found the unity of being … read more.

Born Anew

Novelist D.H. Lawrence believed that humans are born first to themselves and only later to a sense of humanity, when “most are born again on entering maturity,” shedding the innocence of childhood and achieving an adult understanding of the world – “a consciousness of all … read more.

Awakening the Soul

In most religious traditions, the purpose of religious education is to transmit the doctrines and practices of the faith from one generation to the next, thereby creating the next generation of the faithful. According to William Ellery Channing, however, the purpose of religious instruction (or … read more.

Life on the Wild Side

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you,” Job declared after lamenting that he was a laughingstock to his friends. I find myself increasingly drawn to wild places and the creatures that inhabit them. On World Wildlife Day, we will reflect on how the … read more.

When Words Get in the Way

“The vocabulary of a religious faith once seemed dead to me,” writes Kathleen Norris, who conceded that, even after returning to church, “I’d run into barriers, words that seemed like mental roadblocks.” This is familiar territory for many of us. Sacred words may scare us, … read more.

Stories in Stained Glass

It is often asserted that stained glass appeared in medieval churches as a means to illustrate the stories of the Bible for a largely illiterate audience, but I’ve never been satisfied with this explanation. It somehow minimizes the value of the art and its meaning. … read more.

Confessions of an Immigrant Experience

“Sometimes he went to church – preferably to the Unitarian Meeting House, where ideas, not emotions, were exploited,” wrote novelist Laura Goodman Salverson about her father, Larus. Our congregation is distinctive among Unitarian Universalist congregations, but not quite unique, in having been first established among … read more.

Letting Go

It’s hard to move forward if you’re mired in your own past. This is as true for communities as it is for individuals. The more people focus on old conflicts and grievances and disappointments, real or imagined, the more likely it is that their efforts … read more.