We have once again come to the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. As we live in the dark and prepare for the light slowly to return, in this service we’ll consider what beginnings, endings, and transitions we each have before us.

Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

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December 19, 2021

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“There is a moment before dawn

when the night is firmly in charge of the sky.

There is no arguing with the opacity that holds 

both a fertile imagination and cover of destruction.

Just hold on.”

–The Rev. Theresa Ninán Soto

Centering Music

Something Told the Wild Geese; Esther Kathryn and Pam Hardman, soloists

Photo by Ian Cumming on Unsplash


Marian Siemens

Gathering Hymn

Hymn 9 No Longer Forward Nor Behind (set to Forest Green)

Chalice Lighting

“We Hold On,” by The Rev. Theresa Ninán Soto, with thanks to The Rev. Leslie Takahashi and the Commission on Institutional Change

Story Wisdom

“The Rebirth of the Sun” by Starhawk


Love Is The Spirit

Covenant with Pastoral Care Team

Candles of Caring

Bonnie Thiessen

Unison Words

To troubled hearts, to spirits over-brimming, we offer our ministry of listening. For stories that need to be told, we open our hearts and offer the care of our attention, and the support of this, our faith community. So may it be.


Hymn 51 Lady of Our Season’s Laughter (set to Irby)

Introduction to Thresholds

Rev. Meghann Robern


“A Charm For Hope: A String,” by The Rev. Theresa Ninán Soto


Interactive Questions


“Hora and Freylich,” Paul Rodermond and Kelvin Seifert, soloists


“Showing up for (F)friend(s),” by The Rev. Theresa Ninán Soto


Interactive Questions


Marian Siemens

Our Share the Plate partner for December is Sunshine House, a small community drop-in and resource centre, focusing on inclusion and harm reduction in Winnipeg’s core area. They provide meals, laundry and bathing facilities, harm reduction supplies like syringes and condoms, and a meeting place where people exploring gender and/or sexual identity can gather.

Thank you for supporting the church with your funds, time, talent and energy.  Direct deposit or post-dated cheques simplify giving.  


Where is the Light, Peter Mayer


“The Advice,” by The Rev. Theresa Ninán Soto


Interactive Questions


Excerpt from “Open Up the Doors,” by The Rev. Lindasusan Ulrich


Hymn 235 Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly


Marian Siemens

Chalice Extinguishing

Words by The Rev. Anne Barker

Carry the Flame 


The Longest Night, Peter Mayer

Gratitude for our staff and our lay leaders who made this service happen:

  • Leaders: Rev. Meghann Robern & Marian Siemens
  • Coordinator: Marian Siemens, Sunday Services Team
  • Tech Team: Marjorie Doyle, Janet Toews, Odell Havsdotter
  • Candles of Caring Host: Bonnie Thiessen
  • Songleader Videos: Paul Rodermond, Acting Music Director/accompanist; PJ Buchan, past Music Director; and the FUUW Choir; Josh Robern, editor
  • To contact the Sunday Services Team please email