This page lists our Cluster Groups (CG), Board liaison/s, the Teams in each Cluster Group, and the job role(s) supported.

This list was last updated on January 22, 2023.

Facilities Cluster/Council

  • Board Liaisons: Diane Pearce, Kris Breckman
  • Teams: Capital Projects, House & Host, AV/Tech, Repair & Maintenance, Safety & Accessibility, Grounds & Gardens
  • Supports: Rental Director, Event Supervisors, Caretaker, Tech staff, contractors

Caring Community Cluster/Council

  • Board Liaisons: Darlene Payne
  • Teams: Sunday Services, Music/Choir, Pastoral Care
  • Supports: Ministers, Music Director, Zoom and A/V staff

Congregational Vitality and Well-being Cluster/Council

  • Board Liaisons: Paula Keirstead and Claire Nimmaggada
  • Teams: Shared Ministry, Volunteer Resources, Membership, Congregational Relations, AIM
  • Supports: Ministers, Mediation Professionals

Program Cluster/Council

  • Board Liaison: Paula Keirstead
  • Teams: Religious Exploration (all ages), Adult Programming, Social Justice/Green Action
  • Supports: Minister, Coordinator of Life-Span Faith Development, Program staff

Administration and Services Cluster/Council

  • Board Liaisons: Peter Miller, Larry Phillips and Marjorie Doyle
  • Teams: Administration, Financial Teams, Communications
  • Supports: Administrator, Bookkeeper, Webmaster, Communicator & email editors