Welcome Back! Moving Forward with Rev. Meghann

Over the past twenty-seven weeks our congregation has been gifted with the wisdom and insights from our own members and knowledgeable guests, who spoke from the heart on many human experiences and contemporary issues. Steve will talk about what we can we take away from those connections. And we welcome back Reverend Meghann, who will explore where we might go on from here.

Coordinator: Steve Lennon

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Welcome Back! Moving Forward with Rev. Meghann

July 17, 2022

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Centering Thought

Return to where you are born and born again, return to the home of your soul…

~ from Return Again by Schlomo Carlebach

Centering Music

Let It Shine!, performed by the First Unitarian Universalist Winnipeg Church of Winnipeg Choir


Steve Lennon

Gathering Hymn   

128 For All That Is Our Life

Chalice Lighting

Blessed is the Fire That Burns Deep in the Soul, by Dr. Eric A. Heller-Wagner

Opening Words  

Open, words by Steve Lennon


Love Is the Spirit, music by P.J. Buchan

Sharing and Caring

Esmat Elhami

Unison Words 

To troubled hearts, to spirits over-brimming, we offer our ministry of listening. For stories that need to be told, we open our hearts and offer the care of our attention, and the support of this, our faith community.


402 From You I Receive


Our Share the Plate partner for July is Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre


To the Light, performed by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg Choir


305 Des Colores


Rev. Meghann, words from The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


Steve Lennon


Rev. Meghann Robern

Closing Hymn

1057 Go Lifted Up


Steve Lennon

Closing Words

Adapted from We Would Be One by Samuel Anthony Wright, read by Steve Lennon

Chalice Extinguishing

Rev. Meghann Robern

Carry the Flame


Return Again, performed by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of  Winnipeg Choir


Many thanks to:

  • Leaders: Rev, Meghann Robern, Steve Lennon
  • Coordinator: Steve Lennon
  • Tech Team: Marjorie Doyle, Christina Swindells-Nader, Colleen Millikin, Ashlyn Noble, Arthur Burstow, Norm Cobb 
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Esmat Elhami 
  • Songleading Videos: P.J. Buchan, former Music Director, Paul Rodermond, former Accompanist, and the Winnipeg UU Church Choir
  • Sanctuary chalice sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
  • First UU Church of Winnipeg chalice logo designer: Nancy Gilbert

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