Speaker: Steve Lennon

The Tao of Yard Sales

What can one learn about human nature from going to a yard sale? Join Steve Lennon as he shares his observations from his experiences organizing more than 80 giant yard sales over 34 years.

Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler

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April Love

April love! After the long, hard winter, we have finally made it to spring – the land moist with the generosity of melting winter snows, our spirited, giddy minds sodden with all the possibilities of the new growing season. Come join Steve for this frolic, … read more.

Fear of the Future and Moving Forward

Citizen scientist and author, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, wrote “Here is the dream of the earth: continuance.” And today it may be difficult to remember this dream of the earth with the threats of climate change, pandemics and war. This service will explore how we might … read more.

Reflections on Water

Our connections to water go well beyond needing it to sustain life. We also have a deep-seated animal, emotional and spiritual relationship with water. Come, sip, and reflect.

Note: There will not be a water ceremony at this service, as was originally planned.

Coordinator: Marian Siemens

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May 1 Help You?

Yes! We have made it through a ragged, snowy, cold winter all the way to the merry month of May. We can now put away the parkas and snow shovels and start thinking about things greening and growing. May Day – a time for change, … read more.

Ô Nuit

Inspired by a beautiful old French musical ode to nighttime, by Jean-Philippe Rameau, and by a Nocturne exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery years ago, Steve looks at our emotional and spiritual connections to the night, and to the darkness. 

Coordinator: Kelvin Seifert

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Get Back

We keep hoping, during this pandemic, that we will at some point get back to normal, whatever we believe that to be. But we feel powerless to affect much change in that direction. What is it that we really need to get back to and, … read more.