Speaker: Steve Lennon

Camp as a Spiritual Practice

For many years, our congregation has taken a group camping trip. It’s one of our truly multigenerational events that also connects us to our shared values of community and the interdependent web of all life. The global pandemic has meant adjustments to this yearly tradition, … read more.

I Won’t Make That Mistak Again

“Learning from others’ mistakes has taken all the fun out of making my own.”

~ Dennis van Westerborg

As much as we try to avoid making errors, it is often by our mistakes that we learn important information about ourselves. Mistakes can even lead … read more.

The Darkness and the Light: A Solstice Service

Steve Lennon, with assistance from Marian Siemens

Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

How does our affinity, or discomfort, with darkness or light affect how we approach our days and nights? Come celebrate both darkness and light as we look closer at the balance for the earth that Solstice heralds.

Hymns (subject … read more.

On the Threshold: A Poetry Service

Service Leader: Steve Lennon

Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

As you venture into a crisp new decade, come experience six Unitarian Universalist poets with 20/20 visions of what it feels like to be on the threshold.

Hymns: 1 May Nothing Evil Cross This Door; 292 If I Can Stop … read more.


Welcome December! Life gets busy this month – frantic, even – as we prepare for the holidays. At the same time, the land we live on is cooling and preparing for the time of evergreens. Please join Steve for Evergreentide.

Come Silence, Come Darkness

In our modern life, we spend enormous resources on lighting up the darkness and surrounding ourselves with constant stimuli, often to the point of throwing ourselves out of balance. As we move deeper into the winter season of dampening snow and longer nights, what blessings … read more.