Speaker: Steve Lennon

The Tao of Yard Sales

What can one learn about human nature from going to a yard sale? Join Steve Lennon as he shares his observations from his experiences organizing more than 80 giant yard sales over 34 years.

Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler

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April Love

April love! After the long, hard winter, we have finally made it to spring – the land moist with the generosity of melting winter snows, our spirited, giddy minds sodden with all the possibilities of the new growing season. Come join Steve for this frolic, … read more.

Fear of the Future and Moving Forward

Citizen scientist and author, Lyanda Lynn Haupt, wrote “Here is the dream of the earth: continuance.” And today it may be difficult to remember this dream of the earth with the threats of climate change, pandemics and war. This service will explore how we might … read more.

Reflections on Water

Our connections to water go well beyond needing it to sustain life. We also have a deep-seated animal, emotional and spiritual relationship with water. Come, sip, and reflect.

Note: There will not be a water ceremony at this service, as was originally planned.

Coordinator: Marian Siemens

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