Next! Life In The Supermarket Checkout Line

Service Leader: Rev. Lara Cowtan

Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

So much of our lives are spent waiting, waiting, waiting, then on to the next thing. What if we found these in-between times had value, significance and purpose? Join us as we search for ways to experience more … read more.

Resolutions & Promises

Service Leader: Rev. Meghann Robern

Service Coordinator: Dylan Fijal

A new calendar year also brings with it cultural pressure to make changes in our lives. What does it mean to discern what changes will be sustainable and what will not?

Hymns: 1 May Nothing Evil Cross This Door; … read more.

On the Threshold: A Poetry Service

Service Leader: Steve Lennon

Service Coordinator: MC Ziegler

As you venture into a crisp new decade, come experience six Unitarian Universalist poets with 20/20 visions of what it feels like to be on the threshold.

Hymns: 1 May Nothing Evil Cross This Door; 292 If I Can Stop … read more.