After the Good News

“Progressive faith is at a crossroads. Liberal pulpits ring with grand sermons about the arc that bends towards justice and about progress ‘onward and upward forever.’ Meanwhile the people in the pews struggle to attend to the suffering of their souls and the tragic aspects … read more.

The Face Behind the Mask

Physical barriers to the outside invite us to look inward, to explore our relationship with ourself.  What insights are we gaining about who we are in the midst of this transforming reality and who do we want to be when we emerged? This service will … read more.

Does A Pandemic Discriminate?

Zoom is having a global outage this morning; however, Business level accounts appear to not be affected. Therefore, we are moving this morning’s service to this Zoom information:

Meeting ID: 968 8339 7324
Password: 676600

If you’re connecting to the Zoom system by phone and need a … read more.