Snitches & Stitches

There is a huge difference between being a “snitch” and speaking up when experiencing or witnessing harm. It’s also important to recognize that harm can come from words and attitudes as much as physical attacks. We will celebrate our child dedication ritual, and explore how … read more.

A Tomb is No Place to Stay

Even though we have roots in Christianity, UUs have a very different perspective on Easter than what you’ll find in a mainline church. Our emphasis on Jesus as a human teacher and community organizer asks us to reckon with the idea that the tomb was … read more.

Seen. Affirmed. Loved.

Humans: we are relational beings. We are made to be connected with one another, to live interdependently. Yet, we can be quick to exclude and erase people because of their identities. Here, we affirm that you can bring your whole self into this space where … read more.