Youth are invited and welcome to attend online worship on Sunday mornings, followed by fellowship in small groups (zoom break-out rooms). Please visit our Zoom Connections page for the current zoom invitation.

We’re in the process of planning our 2021-22 year for Youth (ages 13-19). Please complete the registration form below; both parent/caregiver and youth will be added to an email list and will receive communication there.


Fall Con


There is traditionally a Youth Con(ference) alongside an in-person regional gathering (we’re part of the Western Region: UUs in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Thunder Bay, Ontario). During the pandemic youth have met online, though no longer follow traditional timing. Please visit the CUC’s Youth page for more information.

CanUUdle/CazUUm – ages 14-19

For general information about our annual national Youth Con, visit the CUC’s CanUUdle page.

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