We Welcome Our New Minister, Rev. Meghann Robern

The First Unitarian Univeralist Church of Winnipeg is pleased to announce that Rev. Meghann Robern, has accepted the calling to be our minister by a unanimous vote. 

We are excited to start this venture with Meghann and her family in August 2017. 

Notes from the Congregational Meeting

UU Church5We have called our new Minister! 

The members who were present at the Congregational Meeting to Call a Minister on Sunday, May 14th voted unanimously to call Meghann Robern.  There were 123 members (62% of voting membership) registered to vote on the recommendation of the Ministerial Search Committee presented by the Committee Chair, Jim Gardiner.  Many Friends of the Congregation, youth and children joined in the celebration to welcome Meghann and her family, Josh, Prudence and Percival, forming a bridge of arms from the front steps to the pulpit. Choir Director, PJ Buchan and a group of UU string players led the song, “Enter, Rejoice and Come-in”.  There was indeed a spirit of rejoicing as Meghann and Board President, Lynn Clark signed the Letter of Call and Ministerial Agreement. 

Meghann will be ordained to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry at First UU Church of Nashville, where she has been serving in ministry for the past two years. Her ministry with First UU of Winnipeg will begin August 1st, with our customary study leave as the staff and volunteers prepare for the beginning of an exciting church year. 

UU Church4Thanks to the efforts of Liz Redston and her team and to our hard-working Ministerial Search Committee, Meghann met with many of our Congregation during the Candidating Week events.  Events for church elders, leaders, young adults, youth and families allowed us all to share our stories with Meghann and to hear hers. It was a stimulating time for our faith community and we look forward to sharing the next steps in our journey with Meghan and her family.    

“Let us welcome them home after their strenuous journey.”  (UUA Settlement Handbook) 

Meghann Robern