Volunteer Resources Committee Reactivated

Hello! We’re the reactivated Volunteer Resources Committee (VRC) ready to serve you with energy and enthusiasm.

VRC members have begun reaching out to committees to help them establish and maintain a robust volunteer component in the church. Tell us about the work of your committee and where you want assistance. What things aren’t getting done? What might be tiring you? What volunteer skills and availability are you looking for?

We’ll also share impromptu volunteer activities for individuals who have an hour or two to pitch in occasionally. A little aerobic snow shoveling perhaps? Help us move furniture so a rental can come in? Write a brief article, take a few photos, or help host an occasional Zoom event? (The Zoom suggestion is for individuals who don’t think highlighting is something done with a yellow magic marker!)

Volunteers who are waiting to share your time and talents, please give us a shout at vrc@uuwinnipeg.mb.ca. Let us know your possible areas of interest, and we’ll follow up with you.

We’re looking forward to working with you all to build our UU community!

  • Norm Cobb
  • Jim Gardiner
  • Carolyn Garlich
  • Brian Klowak
  • Barb Rudyk
  • Marlene Schellenberg – President & VRC Board Liaison
  • Sonya Watson, VRC Chair