Virtual Choir: Silent Night

How-To Guide:

Singing Silent Night Together

What do you need?

  • A device that can record video such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet
  • A tripod, shelf, or object that allows you to have the device at eye level
  • A second device to allow you to hear the master track
  • Headphones which fit with the playback device
  • Good lighting (lamps, sunlight through a window)
  • A candle, matches or batteries as applicable, and a glass of water nearby for safety
  • The downloaded master track from our website (link below)
  • Lyrics from our hymnal and sheet music are also available, if you wish (link below). You’ll notice the first sung verse is in German; PJ sings this solo, so you only need the English lyrics.
  • Deadline for submission is November 18th!

Download the master track

Download music, lyrics, and guitar tablature for Silent Night

Download an 18 point font PDF of this page of instructions


  1. Select location with little to no background noise for recording. Turn off additional background noises if possible (fans, humidifiers, etc) for the duration of the recording.
  2. Find a time when you are not rushed, so you can record as many times as you need to be happy with your submission.
  3. Place your recording device on something stable (tripod, shelf, stack of books, etc). Be sure to film landscape (horizontally), near where you can light your face well, try to avoid shadows, and ensure there are no bright lights behind you.
  4. Have your playback device and headphones near by.
  5. Position yourself facing the recording device straight on at eye level. Frame yourself so we can see from your shoulders to a few inches over your head. If you can’t see what your device can see, do a test recording, and watch it to see your framing. If filming in front of a wall, stand about 1 ft away from it. If you have more than one person singing together in the same frame, try to have your heads around the same height, if possible


  1. Light your candle (or turn it on if it is electric)
  2. Press record on your recording device. Position yourself and wait 10 seconds before you…
  3. Start the audio on your playback device.
  4. PJ sings the first verse solo in German. After that, sing/play along! Feel free to move your body slightly with the rhythm and let the emotion come through.
  5. When the song finishes, look directly at your recording device with a great sense of accomplishment and pride, YOU DID IT! …and…
  6. Wait there 10 seconds before you stop the recording.
  7. Blow out or turn off the candle.

Final Steps:

  1. In a web browser, visit
  2. Add your file by clicking on the “+” icon and selecting it from where you have it saved on your device or you can drag and drop the file.
  3. In the “email to” box type:, then enter your email address in the next box.
  4. Click in the message box and type a message if you wish, then hit send!
  5. Celebrate! You are helping us sing together, from our own spaces, living out our values for each other and staying connected to our community!

Thank you for all of your efforts in helping us come together in harmony and love for this holiday season!

The congregation sings Silent Night together by candlelight on Christmas Eve
The congregation sings Silent Night together by candlelight on Christmas Eve