Topic: Nature

The Joys and Benefits of Native Plants

Ash Burkowski, from Friends of the Living Prairie Museum, will provide an overview on why native plants are something to consider and pay attention to, including their environmental and horticultural benefits. They will discuss how natural prairies are important for climate change, preserving endangered species, and providing a way for gardeners to have a low-maintenance … Continue reading The Joys and Benefits of Native Plants

Biodiversity and the Interdependent Web – Going Beyond Respect

The Unitarian Universalist 7th principle is “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate change are changing nature at an alarming rate. Is “respect” enough to preserve nature, our life support system? Drawing on the “Milestone document” for Canada’s 2030 National Biodiversity Strategy, in … Continue reading Biodiversity and the Interdependent Web – Going Beyond Respect

Life on the Wild Side

“But ask the animals, and they will teach you,” Job declared after lamenting that he was a laughingstock to his friends. I find myself increasingly drawn to wild places and the creatures that inhabit them. On World Wildlife Day, we will reflect on how the wildlife that surrounds us enhances our lives and teaches us … Continue reading Life on the Wild Side

Evergreentide, Revisited

Take a break from busy holiday preparations and join Steve and the trees, as he revisits Evergreentide, the time when we turn our attentions toward the conifers.     Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler Join the Service with Zoom >> Connect to the service via Zoom Participate via phone by dialing the Manitoba phone number 204 272 7920 or one of … Continue reading Evergreentide, Revisited

Maintaining Winnipeg’s Urban Forest

Trees provide many important benefits, including cooling our streets in the summer, reducing rainwater runoff and air pollution, improving mental and physical health, and beautifying our city. But Winnipeg’s urban forest faces significant challenges from insects and disease, climate change, urban development, and resource strains. Dr. Richard Westwood will discuss values, issues, and solutions in … Continue reading Maintaining Winnipeg’s Urban Forest

Signs of Spring

Here in Winnipeg, we still have snow on the ground in March, but that doesn’t mean the signs of the coming spring aren’t all around us. How can we use these gifts of the cycles of nature to help us look for the signs of hope and change all around us every day? And, of … Continue reading Signs of Spring