Topic: Giving, Receiving, and Generosity

Living Out of Gratitude

You are welcomed to join in this service inviting us to live out of a gratitude base, engaging with whatever life may throw our way. This is not a naive gratitude which ignores the challenging, in order to keep a happy mask in place. Wholesome gratitude seeks the strength of a life-affirming base with which … Continue reading Living Out of Gratitude

Generosity: Parables from the Receiving End

Generosity is lauded as a core human virtue. Today, we consider the experiences of those on the receiving end of generosity. Factors of privilege and power and human diversity can result in a range of outcomes and impacts for recipients that are not always benign or desirable. How can Unitarian Universalists do better in our giving and receiving … Continue reading Generosity: Parables from the Receiving End

Hugh’s On Second

This past summer, I had chance encounters with two strangers who conspired to buoy my sagging spirits and change my outlook for the better. These two crossed my path right when I needed them most. From my perspective, it was delightful serendipity, but those with a more deterministic worldview might call it grace. “Do not … Continue reading Hugh’s On Second