Topic: The Arts

Summertime Singalong

Come join some UU songbirds of summer – to be in good company, to sing and sing some more, or just to listen to beautiful music and words. This will be a service of familiar hymns, wise proverbs, and human connection. See you there! Service Coordinator: Norm Cobb Connect with Zoom Connect to the service … Continue reading Summertime Singalong

Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity

While what we call artificial intelligence reveals the astonishing capacity of modern computer technology to process information, I’m not persuaded that this capacity is properly called intelligence, at least not in any meaningful human understanding of the term. Intelligence is more than the ability to manipulate data, even predictively. We really need a new term … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity

Can You Draw Your Way To Mindfulness?

Carol Graham, a mixed media artist and Winnipeg’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT), joins us to share her story of embracing the meditative art form of Zentangle, and discovering a sense of inner peace she’d not experienced with any other medium. Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler Sermon Video Order of Service Centering Thought “Anything is possible, … Continue reading Can You Draw Your Way To Mindfulness?