Stewardship and Generosity

April is pledging month, when we remind ourselves that our church exists and thrives only because members and friends care enough to invest themselves and their resources in what we do. Remarkably, “we” have been doing this in Winnipeg, through thick and thin, since 1891.

  • Kickoff is Sunday, April 2 after church. Stay for a hybrid event, with a pizza lunch for folks in the Sanctuary. This is your opportunity for a financial update and discussion of a high-level projection for next year with our Treasurer, Peter Miller. Download his slideshow presentation Turning Up – Informing Your Pledge (PDF).
  • Throughout the April pledge drive month, in personal visitations, phone calls, and email communication, we will be focusing on three pertinent questions, and gathering feedback. What is your main concern about our church?  What is the greatest opportunity that our church faces right now?  What do you find most engaging about our church?
  • Check out the new Stewardship and Generosity and Give pages that Karin Carlson created for us and Larry Phillips helped implement. Credit card donations are now received on our own site rather than CanadaHelps and you can text give to 1 204 817 8771 to donate. Automatic withdrawal from your bank account continues to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill your pledge.
  • You can also download Budgeting 101 – Thinking about our 2023-2024 budget. This is an unofficial projection of possible income and expenses to provide food for thought on the choices we face together and individually. Did you know that almost 2/3 of our operating income comes from your donations, which support our staff? Another third, from rentals and fundraising, pays for building expenses. Dividends and interest raise 2%. Here is a pie chart of projected income.
    Projected 2023-2024 Operating Revenue, $306,000: • Rentals and fundraising: $100,000 (33%) • dividends and interest: $6,000 (2%) • Operating donations: $200,000 (65%)
  • And here are Projected Expenses, which are higher. What are we going to do about that?
  • Projected 2023-2024 Expenses $325,000: • Mortgage: $41,000 (12.5%) • Building and grounds: $41,000 (12.5%) • CUC and UUA: $20,000 (6%) • Administration: $15,000 (4.5%) • Programs: $8,000 (2.5%) • Payroll: $200,000 (62%)

Gifts of kindness, time, skills, passion, and money make visible the love and generosity that sustain our community and its Mission. All are needed for us to thrive. Let’s turn up for the upturn and make our renewal sustainable!