Speaker: Rev. Ren Rohe McFadyen (they/their)

Prayer Without Dogma

Rev. Ren will lead an exploration of Prayer as a way Unitarian Universalists can connect and reconnect to themselves, and to that which is life-giving. Prayer can take many forms, from the quiet cultivation of stillness, to invoking a silent cry for help, to deliberately … read more.

Need, Want & Becoming: Spiritual Strategies for Living Into Better Versions of “Me” and “We”

Yearning, longing, desire…seems humans are always wanting something. Individually, and collectively as a faith movement, we pursue a lifespan quest for fulfilment. The Rolling Stones famously sang, “you can’t always get what you want…” and in another song, caution that you “can’t get no satisfaction”.

This … read more.

Vulnerable Love

One popular notion of vulnerability speaks to openness: the willingness to share authentically. For some people who are disabled or elder, vulnerability is additionally a fact of life relating to barriers and risks encountered as one moves/lives in the world. Drawing from lived experience and … read more.