Speaker: Rev. Brian Kiely

On Unitarian Ground

When asked about Unitarianism, a good many of us will use “not” in our answer. We are NOT this, or NOT that. But what are we? Where is the ground on which we stand?

Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

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Thank you for joining us … read more.

Singing in the Shower

How many of us were told long ago that we didn’t have any artistic talent… or that we weren’t good enough?  (I sure was) Today I want to talk about how art should be for the masses; not the mass consumers, but the masses who … read more.

Pride and Parenting

Some of the earliest memories my children have is their annual participation in the ”Rainbow Parade” as they called it. They began in strollers. Unitarians have a long history of supporting the ever-evolving alphabet of LGBTQ2s* persons.  But last year participation went from the “right … read more.