Speaker: Nicole McKay

The Question Box

Questions clarify for us our understanding, cause us to think, and can reveal for us pathways for further inquiry. Asking questions is a spiritual practice that asks us to be vulnerable by admitting we don’t have all the answers as we engage in our free … read more.

Unearthing Possibilities

Like a time capsule we never knew existed, there are buried treasures in the world and within ourselves that can serve as gateways to new possibilities. Let us dig in together and bring forth new hope in this first week of the Advent Season.

Service Coordinator: … read more.

All Souls Day

All Souls’ Day is a Universalist holiday when we remember all those whom we have loved and lost. By intentionally remembering, we allow them to continue to shape and guide our lives with their love and inspiration.

During this time when we are exclusively gathering via … read more.

Thanks, but No Thanks!

Thanksgiving weekend is not a time of gratitude for all people. The dominant cultural expectation of joy and gratitude silences those experiencing grief – personal and institutional. Let us create space for the fullness of our history and our humanity.

Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

Thanks, But No … read more.