Speaker: Green Action Team

Road to Resilience

Climate resilience means we must learn to provide for our essential needs without fossil fuels. Curt Hull, Project Manager at Climate Change Connection, investigates how we might farm, heat all our buildings, and move goods and people sustainably with the help of Manitoba’s abundant renewable electricity. Service Coordinator: Cate Ziegler A forum on Pathways to Zero … Continue reading Road to Resilience

Earth Day, Sufficiency: Enough for Everyone Forever

We trust Gaia now to provide for us as she has for four billion years, and we help her to do so; but we no longer torment her for her riches. Her riches are safest when kept in safekeeping by her. The most admired among us is the one capable of the greatest happiness on … Continue reading Earth Day, Sufficiency: Enough for Everyone Forever

Lake Winnipeg: Challenges and Solutions

All services are streamed via Zoom; connection details are below. Change happens when citizens join together to take action. Lake Winnipeg Foundation Communications Director Marlo Campbell will provide an overview of the current threats to Lake Winnipeg’s health and share information about how LWF is translating science into solutions to protect our shared waters–and how … Continue reading Lake Winnipeg: Challenges and Solutions