Speaker: Cate Ziegler

Equanimity and Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

Old-fashioned notions of critical thinking and measured inquiry go back to Socrates and the ancient Greeks; the roots of equanimity and mindfulness even further. In the Digital Age of ten second sound bites, fake news, embedded hyperlinks and self-reinforcing algorithms, the skills of focus, critical thinking and equanimity are anything but quaint – they are … Continue reading Equanimity and Critical Thinking in the Digital Age

Mind The Gap

In music we look for the interval between notes; in sculpture the light provides context and dimension. In mindfulness the space between thoughts is an opportunity. Clarity, patience, compassion, and a connection with the spirit can reside in this space. Join us on March 6th as we explore the meditative element of “minding the gap.” … Continue reading Mind The Gap

Environmental Non-Violence

Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book titled the same: “Peace is every step.” “But where do our steps take us?  How far in our lives do we go when we embrace a non-violent existence?” Join us on November 21st as we explore the pursuit of living sustainably and environmental non-violence. Coordinator: Steve Lennon Join … Continue reading Environmental Non-Violence