Sharing Passwords

If you are on a committee or group here at First UU and you need to share private information such as passwords with your team, please consider security. First, never put passwords in email. The best methods to share passwords with your team are:

  • Call them on the phone and verbally tell them the password (don’t leave it on an answering machine, though).
  • Text them the password (assuming they have SMS on their phones).
  • Use a secure “secret-sharing” service like One Time Secret which sends them a link to the password. The links are set to expire in a certain number of days. I’ve used One Time Secret and it’s very easy to use, secure, and free. If you have multiple people to contact, this is the most time-friendly because you can enter multiple email addresses at once.

Thank you for your attention to keeping our accounts safe.

Reach out to if you have questions.