When Language Blooms

Welcome to Liz and Rev. Anne from the UU Hysterical Society! From their website: “Religion isn’t just about belief…or theology, or the principles we affirm and promote.  Religion is also about culture. It’s the song you sing to your kid when they cry, the story that everyone knows but still wants to hear retold, and the in-joke that makes us all exchange glances. Culture is created and propagated in many ways. This is ours.”

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When Language Blooms

August 15, 2021

Centering Thought

“The development of language is part of the development of the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people.”

~ Maria Montessori

Centering Music

They Will Come – Rise of Skywalker  by John Williams


Odell Havsdottir

Gathering Hymn

Hymn 170 We are a Gentle Angry People

Chalice Lighting

A Symbol of Learning and Love by Elizabeth Harding

Opening Words

The Word Party by Richard Edwards


Love Is The Spirit

Story Wisdom

Generosity Bends the Road, as retold by Faye Mogensen

Andrea James, DLFD

Candles of Caring

Bonnie Thiessen

Unison Words

We pause to reflect on our week, to think of changes and challenges that lay ahead. And, as we share what is in our hearts and support each other along the way, we are all strengthened. 


Hymn 1031 Filled with Lovingkindness


A Covenant Invites Relationship by Lisa Ward


Hymn 1054 Let This be a House of Peace


Odell Havsdottir

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Peace and Purpose – The Last Jedi by John Williams


When Language Blooms by Rev. Anne Barker and Liz James


Odell Havsdottir


Benediction for a People in Pandemic by Anya Sammler-Michael

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame


Why Can’t the English – My Fair Lady by Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe

Gratitude for our staff and our lay leaders who made this service happen:

  • Leaders: Rev. Anne Barker, Liz James, Andrea James DLFD
  • Coordinator: Odell Havsdottir, Sunday Services Team
  • Tech Host: Doreen Stroud, Tech Team
  • Chat Moderator: Colleen Milikin, Tech Team
  • Candles of Caring Host: Bonnie Thiessen, Pastoral Care Team
  • Songleader Videos: PJ Buchan, Music Director, and the FUUW Choir; Paul Rodermond, accompanist; Josh Robern, editor
  • To contact the SunServ Team please email worship@uuwinnipeg.mb.ca