Welcome back!

Join us in person or via Zoom as we welcome you back to the regular church year. This service features the Board, their vision for the coming year, along with an installation of the board.

Service coordinator: Norm Cobb

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Order of Service

Welcome Back! September 11, 2022

Centering Thought

Centering Music

Up Where we belong, Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes, written by Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jack Nitzsche, and Will Jennings

Welcoming Words

Norm Cobb

Gathering Hymn

61 Enter, Rejoice, and Come In


Norm Cobb #434

May we be reminded here of our

  highest aspirations,

and inspired to bring our gifts of

  love and service to the altar of


May we know once again that we 

  are not isolated human beings

but connected, in mystery and miracle,

  to the universe,

to this community and to each



Chalice Lighting  


Introduction of Claire Nimmagadda

Her Reflections, Aspirations


Love Is the Spirit

Sharing and Caring

Barbara Fuller

Unison Words

Let us come into this circle of caring, and listen to those who share their joys and sorrows with us. Let the healing power of this community reach out to them, and to each of us. Let loving kindness and joy pass through us, and bring us peace. So may it be.


1053 The Oneness of Everything


Norm Cobb

Our Share the Plate partner for September is Shade



1054 Let this be a House of Peace


Introduction of Doug Wasyliw

His reflections, aspirations


1007  There’s a River Flowin’ In my Soul

Introduction of Kris Breckman

His reflections, aspirations

Closing Hymn

163 For the Earth Forever Turning


Norm Cobb

Closing Words

from Mother Teresa, read by Norm Cobb

Chalice Extinguishing

Norm Cobb

Carry the Flame


Norm Cobb


September by Earth, Wind and Fire


Many thanks to:

  • Leaders: Claire Nimmagadda, Doug Wasyliw, Kris Breckman
  • Coordinators: Norm Cobb, Cate Ziegler
  • Tech Team: Christina Swindels-Nader, Arthur Burstow, Ashlyn Noble
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Barbara Fuller
  • Songleading Videos: P.J. Buchan, Music Director, Paul Rodermond, Accompanist, and the Winnipeg UU Church Choir
  • Sanctuary chalice sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly

To contact Sunserv (Sunday Services Team), please email worship@uuwinnipeg.mb.ca