The Right to a Healthy Environment: A Canary’s Journey

The Canadian Environmental Protection Act is currently before the Canadian Parliament, and a Senate Committee is considering amendments to modernize this Act, which came into force in 2000. One proposed amendment is to add “the right to a healthy environment.”  Today’s service will highlight why a healthy environment is critical for those with severe environmental sensitivities, the “canaries in the coal mine.”

Service coordinator: Steve Lennon

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canary on a tree branch

The Right to a Healthy Environment: A Canary’s Journey

June 5, 2022

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Centering Thought

Around the world, more than 110 countries now recognize their citizens’ right to a healthy environment. In fact, Canada is among only a dozen nations that do not yet explicitly recognize this fundamental human right.


Centering Music

When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place  UU Church Choir


Kelvin Seifert

Gathering Hymn

63 Spring Has Now Unwrapped the Flowers

Chalice Lighting

Lynn Clark

Words by Simon Ortiz, adapted slightly from Lifting Our Voices; Readings in the Living Tradition.

Opening Words

Brent Kroeker: Committed to Respond  by Lynn Harrison


Story Wisdom

Michael Thiessen

Sharing and Caring

Paula Wachs

Unison Words

The journey of our lives has brought us this morning to this place, to be here together. What a miracle this is to share these moments and to be nourished by each other’s presence. May we approach this time with gratitude and hope. So may it be.


65 The Sweet June Days


Kelvin Seifert

The words for the Meditation are adapted from Learning to Fall: The Blessings of an Imperfect Life by Philip Simmons


Kelvin Seifert

For the month of June, our Share the Plate partner is the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (PWRC)


Circle Round for Freedom  First UU Church of Winnipeg Choir   


1052 The Oneness of Everything


Margaret Friesen


Marie LeBlanc


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Environmental Illness – Awareness and Acknowledgement

Closing Hymn

288 All Are Architects  


Kelvin Seifert

Closing Words

Carolyn Garlich

Words from Singing the Living Tradition 693 by V. Emil Gudmundson

Chalice Extinguishing

Lynn Clark

Carry the Flame


Kelvin Seifert

Return Again  UU Church of Winnipeg Choir


Gratitude to all who made this service happen:

  • Leaders: Marie LeBlanc, Lynn Clark, Brent Kroeker, Michael Thiessen, Margaret Friesen, Carolyn Garlich
  • Coordinators: Kelvin Seifert, Steve Lennon
  • Tech Team: Christina Swindells-Nader, Arthur Burstow, Marjorie Doyle
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Paula Wachs
  • Sanctuary Chalice Sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
  • Songleading Videos: Paul Rodermond, (former) Acting Music Director and Accompanist, P.J. Buchan, (former) Music Director, Winnipeg UU Choir

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