Seen. Affirmed. Loved.

spring-blooming-flowersHumans: we are relational beings. We are made to be connected with one another, to live interdependently. Yet, we can be quick to exclude and erase people because of their identities. Here, we affirm that you can bring your whole self into this space where you are seen, affirmed, and loved. Today and every day, we commit ourselves to centering those whose lives are pushed into the margins because the truth is: all of who you are is a blessing.

Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

Seen. Affirmed. Loved.

March 28, 2021

“We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love. That’s OK.” — Laverne Cox

Centering Music

Tell Me A Story” by Skylar Kergil


Marian Siemens

Gathering Hymn

1059 May Your Life Be As a Song

Chalice Lighting

“Wholeness” by Sharon Wylie

Opening Words

Transgender Day of Visibility Prayer by the Rev Mr Barb Grove


Love is the Spirit

Story Wisdom

The Passover Story, from PJ Library, adapted by DLFD Andrea

Candles of Caring

Esmat Elhami, Pastoral Care Team

Unison Words

Each of us enters this place with different needs. Some hearts are full of gratitude and joy. May we rejoice with them. Some hearts ache with sorrow. May our presence and compassion bring them comfort. Some hearts are searching. May the knowledge that we too are searching restore their hope and give them courage. May we, in our common need, give strength to each other as we share our joys, lighten each others’ burdens, and support our caring community.


1029 Love Knocks and Waits for Us to Hear


Marian Siemens


Dayenu, Coming Home” by The Ein Prat Fountainheads


Praise to you, the web that connects us to each other” by the Rev Amy Zucker Morgenstern


1015 I Know I Can


Ready” by Rabbi Rachel Barenblat


Nicole McKay


1028 The Fire of Commitment


Marian Siemens


It is Our Journey Together” by the Rev Debra Haffner

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame sung by the First UU Winnipeg Choir

Transition to Connecting & Conversation Time

“We’re the Cool Kids” by Ryan Cassada

Gratitude for our staff and our lay leaders who made this service happen:

  • Leaders: Nicole McKay, Andrea James
  • Coordinator: Marian Siemens, Sunday Services Team
  • Tech Hosts: Ashlyn Noble & Lauren Bailey, Tech Team
  • Chat Moderators: Ashlyn Noble & Lauren Bailey Tech Team
  • Candles of Caring Host: Esmat Elhami, Pastoral Care Team
  • Songleader Videos: PJ Buchan, Music Director, and the FUUW Choir; Paul Rodermond, accompanist; Josh Robern, editor

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