Renewal through Recovery

Norm Cobb has been a long time member of our congregation, for over 30 years now. In this service Norm will reflect on how he developed a three year addiction about 20 years ago, after having been actively involved in the church, rebuilding a career after being a stay-at-home Dad for seven years, and while still being married and having two teenage daughters at home.  Most importantly, Norm will focus on the ongoing work involved in recovery. As he says,

“In recovery, we never graduate. We have to fully grasp that our disease is a spiritual disease. Our only reprieve is continued spiritual growth. On the positive side, spiritual growth can be infinite. That realization keeps me humble.”

Service Coordinators: Steve Lennon, Paula Wachs

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Renewal Through Recovery

January 23, 2022

Centering Thought

Regrets require the soft hands of compassion.  

~ Francis Weller

Centering Music

Snowbird with Catherine MacLellan, Chris Gauthier, and the Blue Engine String Quartet


Steve Lennon

Gathering Hymn

55 Dark of Winter

Chalice Lighting

Words by John O’Donohue, from Anam Cara   

Opening Words

by Philip Simmons, from Learning to Fall   


Love is the Spirit 

Candles of Caring

Cheryl Simmonds

Unison Words

The journey of our lives has brought us this morning to this place, to be here together. What a miracle this is to share these moments and to be nourished by each other’s presence. May we approach this time with gratitude and hope. So may it be.


301Touch the Earth, Reach the Sky!


Our Share the Plate Partner for January is Wahbung Abinoonjiaag.


Great Spirit performed by the First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


1019 Everything Possible



Renewal Through Recovery   Norm Cobb


183 The Wind of Change Forever Blown


Steve Lennon


Norm Cobb

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame   


Steve Lennon

Return Again   performed by First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


Gratitude to all who made this service happen:

  • Leader: Norm Cobb
  • Coordinator: Steve Lennon
  • Tech Team: Marjorie Doyle, Mel Leslie, Lorie B, Odell H. 
  • Candles of Caring Host: Cheryl Simmonds
  • Songleading Videos: Paul Rodermond, (former) Acting Music Director and Accompanist, P.J. Buchan, (former) Music Director, Winnipeg UU Choir
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