Reflections of a UU Lay Chaplain

Looking back, we can see things clearly, and what formerly appeared to be challenges, now appear to be blessings. A brief reflection on lay chaplaincy.

Service Coordinator: Norm Cobb

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Reflections of a UU Lay Chaplain
Order of service

March 26, 2023, 10:30 am

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Centering Thought

If you want to lead a meaningful life, do something meaningful.
~ Carl Sagan

Centering Music

“I am but a Small Voice”, by Roger Wittaker, performed by our choir, accompanied by Daniel Clark


Norm Cobb

Gathering Hymn

#404, What Gift Can We Bring

Opening Words

#419 read by Norm Cobb

Chalice Lighting

#447 read by Norm Cobb


Love Is the Spirit, accompanied by Daniel Clark

Story Wisdom

Carol Lindsay

Sing and Rejoice

Singing children to RE; words are on the screen, with Daniel Clark, pianist

Choir Anthem

Four Strong Winds

Sharing and Caring

Cheryl Simmonds

Unison Words

We are grateful for this circle of caring that is part of our community. May its healing power reach out to all those who need the loving kindness and support of our faith community. So may it be.


#128, For All That is Our Life (introduced by Cheryl Simmonds)


Norm Cobb

Our Share the Plate partner for March is the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities


“Grandmother’s Minuet” from Lyric Pieces, Op 68, No.2, by Edvard Greig, played by Daniel Clark


#510 O Spirit of Life and Renewal, read by Norm Cobb


“Reflections of a UU Lay Chaplain” by Darlene Payne

Closing Hymn

#326 Let All the Beauty We Have Known


Norm Cobb

Closing Words and Chalice Extinguishing

# 696 To Live in this World, Darlene Payne/Norm Cobb

Carry the Flame, accompanied by Daniel Clark


Gratitude to all who made this service happen! Among others:

  • Leader: Darlene Payne
  • Coordinator: Norm Cobb
  • Tech Team: Ashlyn Noble, Arthur Burstow
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Cheryl Simmonds
  • Accompanist: Daniel Clark
  • Chalice Sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
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