Pride and Parenting

Some of the earliest memories my children have is their annual participation in the ”Rainbow Parade” as they called it. They began in strollers. Unitarians have a long history of supporting the ever-evolving alphabet of LGBTQ2s* persons.  But last year participation went from the “right thing for me to do” to something more personal as my now son came out as Trans. Declan will share his transition perspective by video as well.

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Pride and Parenting

July 10, 2022

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Centering Thought

The truth in our hearts is our guide – we are answering the call of love…

~ Jason Shelton, 1014 adapted, Singing the Journey

Centering Music

When Our Heart Is in a Holy Place, performed by First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


Norm Cobb 

Gathering Hymn   

1019 Everything Possible

Chalice Lighting

Living with Pride, by Lori Gorgas Hlaban, read by Norm Cobb

Opening Words  

Wholeness, by Sharon Wylie, read by Rev. Brian Kiely


Love Is the Spirit, music by P.J. Buchan

Sharing and Caring

Cheryl Simmonds

Unison Words 

We set aside this time of quiet to listen to the spirits of others, to create a space for them within our own hearts, that they might feel the power of our attention and the strength of our love. Such is the gift of our hearts. So may it be.


1012 When I Am Frightened


The Healing Time by Pesha Gertier, read by Rev. Brian


Our Share the Plate partner for July is Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre


The Gift of Love, performed by First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


words by John O’Donohue, read by Rev. Brian


1014 Answering the Call of Love


Norm Cobb


 Pride and Parenting, Rev. Brian Kiely

Closing Hymn

1053 How Could Anyone


Norm Cobb

Closing Words

from Rainbow Blessing, by Cricket Hall, read by Rev. Kiely

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame


Return Again, performed by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of  Winnipeg Choir


Gratitude to all who made this service happen:

  • Leader: Rev. Brian Kiely
  • Coordinator: Norm Cobb, (Steve Lennon)
  • Tech Team: Ashlyn Noble, Christina Swindells-Nader
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Cheryl Simmonds
  • Songleading Videos: P.J. Buchan, (former) Music Director, Paul Rodermond, (former) Acting Music Director and Accompanist, Winnipeg UU Church Choir
  • Sanctuary chalice sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
  • Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg logo designer: Nancy Gilbert

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