This Sunday, during the service before our congregational meeting, we will continue our collective work in examining how our choices and actions reflect our shared values and our commitment to making a better world for all. Our touchpoint will be the idea, posed by the Rev. Hilary Landau Krivchenia, that we must be “willing to see beyond the superficial level of money to the deeper layers where the world is balanced or out of balance.” The Order of Service can always be found at .

Following this service will be our Congregational Program & Budget Meeting.


  • 121 We’ll Build a Land
  • 84 How Far Can Reach a Smile?
  • 318 We Would Be One
  • 311 Let It Be a Dance

Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

All services are streamed via Zoom; connection details are below.

Connecting to the Service

Due to COVID-19, we are suspending in-person worship services and post-service activities; we will stream our services instead for the time being.

If you’re connecting to the Zoom system by phone and need a phone number outside Canada, find your local number here. Please note that Zoom no longer offers a Manitoba-based dial-in number. The Canada-based numbers are:

  • 778 907 2071 (BC)
  • 438 809 7799 (Montreal)
  • 587 328 1099 (Alberta)
  • 647 374 4685 (Toronto)
  • 647 558 0588 (Toronto)