Pilgrims on the Emmaus Road

This Easter Sunday, please join us for a service led by Rev. Stefan Jonasson. He will talk to us about some of the Easter stories and myths in the New Testament and what wisdom they can offer us.

The Choir will sing.

Service Coordinator: Jill Moats

Sermon Video

Pilgrims on the Emmaus Road Order of Service

April 9, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

Centering Thought

Myths are stories of our search through the ages for meaning…

Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of life

~ Dr. Joseph Campbell

Centering Music

Sing Joy, Sing Gaudia! by Greg Gilpin, sung by the UU church choir, directed and accompanied by Paul Rodermond


Jill Moats

Gathering Hymn

#61 (Gray Hymnal) Lo, the Earth Awakes Again, accompanied by Paul Rodermond

Chalice Lighting

from #448 by Christine Robinson, read by Jill Moats

Opening Words

Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver, read by Jill Moats


Love Is The Spirit, music written by P.J. Buchan, accompanied by Paul Rodermond

Story Wisdom

On Naming a Child, told by Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Singing Children Downstairs

Sing and Rejoice, accompanied by Paul Rodermond

Sharing and Caring

Kelvin Seifert

Unison Words

We set aside this time of quiet to listen to the spirits of others, to create a space for them within our own hearts, that they might feel the power of our attention and the strength of our love. Such is the gift of our hearts. So may it be.


#126 (Gray Hymnal), Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, accompanied by Paul Rodermond


from Emmaus Road by Paul Trudinger, read by Rev. Stefan Jonasson


We Walk in Love, music written by Deanna Witkowski, sung by UU church choir, directed and accompanied by Paul Rodermond


from Such Singing in the Wild Branches by Mary Oliver, read by Jill Moats.


#674 by Brandoch L. Lovely (adapted), read by Jill Moats

Offertory Music

I Could Write a Book by Rodgers & Hart, played by Paul Rodermond


Pilgrims on the Emmaus Road by Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Closing Hymn

#1057 (Teal Hymnal), Go Lifted Up, accompanied by Paul Rodermond


Jill Moats

Closing Words

by Rev. Art Severance, read by Jill Moats

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame, accompanied by Paul Rodermond


Gratitude to all who made this service happen:

  • Leader: Rev. Stefan Jonasson
  • Coordinator: Jill Moats
  • Tech Team: Ashlyn Noble, Arthur Burstow, Christina Swindells-Nader
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Kelvin Seifert
  • Choir Director and Accompanist: Paul Rodermond
  • Music for Affirmation: written by P.J. Buchan
  • Ushers: Krishna Nimmagadda, Norm Cobb, Jim Gardiner, and others
  • Greeter: Paula Keirstead
  • Set Up and Maintenance: Michael Thiessen, Jim Gardiner, Norm Cobb & others
  • Hospitality: Shar Lynn, Adina Lyon, Cheryl Simmonds and others
  • Chalice Sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
  • First UU Church of Winnipeg Chalice Logo Designer: Nancy Gilbert
  • Webmaster: Karin Carlson
  • Communicator Editor: Marjorie Doyle
  • All-Church Email Bulletin: Lorie Battershill

Want to help out on Sunday mornings? Please contact Norm Cobb or Jim Gardiner.

To contact Sunday Services Team email worship@uuwinnipeg.mb.ca

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