Living Waters

rocks under water in the sun

For our ingathering rituals this year in our Zoom service, please bring to your participation space: your face masks, a small stone, and a bowl of water.

Each year we celebrate a new program year with water communion and ingathering. Just as flowing, living water that is always changing is the building block of life, so too are we adapting to new worlds and new realities.

Service Coordinator: Odell Havsdotter

Connecting to the Service

Due to COVID-19, we are suspending in-person worship services and post-service activities; we will stream our services instead for the time being.

If you’re connecting to the Zoom system by phone and need a phone number outside Canada, find your local number here. Please note that Zoom no longer offers a Manitoba-based dial-in number. The Canada-based numbers are:

  • 778 907 2071 (BC)
  • 438 809 7799 (Montreal)
  • 587 328 1099 (Alberta)
  • 647 374 4685 (Toronto)
  • 647 558 0588 (Toronto)