Learning New Ways from the Old

Note that this service starts at 2 p.m.

“Lighting trees in darkness, learning new ways from the old, making sense of history and drawing warmth out of the cold,” sings Dar Williams in her playful seasonal ballad, The Pagans and the Christians. There’s no shortage of people prepared to tell us how we ought to keep the season, how we should express our greetings to one another, what we should call our trees, and what the true meaning of Christmas really is. I’ll have none of it, for Christmas today is a marvelously eclectic celebration, and I’m content to weave together its varied strands as I see fit, learning (and fashioning) new ways from the old. And I’m happy for others to do the same.

Come join Rev. Stefan and crew Sunday afternoon as we celebrate our traditional Christmas Eve service.

Service Coordinators: Steve Lennon, Jill Moats

Sermon Video

Order of Service

Centering Thought

Good tidings to you, and all of your kin,
Good tidings for Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

― from We Wish You a Merry Christmas, 16th century English folk carol

Centering Music

Medley of Christmas music, performed by Daniel Clark


Christmas Peace Canon, arranged by Jean Anne Shafferman, with Music Director Joseph Nguyen and First UU Church Choir


Jill Moats

Gathering Carol

#241 In the Bleak Midwinter

Chalice Lighting

by Rev. Ray Drennan, read by Jill Moats

Opening Words

Steve Lennon (reading his own words)


Love Is the Spirit, music written by PJ Buchan

Story Wisdom

The Emperor’s Tea, by Harold S. Stewart, told by Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Sing and Rejoice

Singing the children to Religious Exploration

Joys and Sorrows

Andre Vanderstoep, Pastoral Care Coordinator
During the stone-dropping ritual, while the congregation is seated, Daniel Clark will play an interlude of In the Bleak Midwinter, by Harold Drake and Gustav Holst, arrangement by Larry Shackley.


A Gift for Every Child, by Sally K. Albrecht, with Music Director Joseph and First UU Church Choir


Christmas, read by Jill Moats
Jill will sound the singing bowl in Sanctuary, then again after two minutes’ silence.


Practicing the Scales of Rejoicing, by Richard S. Gilbert, read by Rev. Stefan Jonasson


#235 Deck the Hall with Boughs of Holly


Learning New Ways from Old, Rev. Stefan Jonasson

Introduction to Closing Carol: Fire Safety

Steve Lennon

Closing Carol

251 Silent Night (with candlelight)


Steve Lennon

Closing Words

The Perfect Time by Vicki Dello Joio, read by Steve

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame

Transition for Breakout Rooms

Arthur Burstow (Zoom only)


Gratitude to all who helped make this service happen:

  • Service Leader: Rev. Stefan Jonasson
  • Coordinators: Steve Lennon, Jill Moats
  • Pastoral Care Coordinator: Andre Vanderstoep
  • Music Director: Joseph Nguyen
  • Accompanist: Daniel Clark
  • Coordinator of Lifespan Religious Education (CLRE):: Ana Gabriela Castaneda Aguilera
  • Tech Team: Arthur Burstow, Simer Kaur, Ashlyn Noble, Christina Swindells-Nader
  • Music for Affirmation: Composed by P.J. Buchan
  • Ushers: Krishna Nimmagadda, Norm Cobb, Jim Gardiner, and others
  • Greeter: Paula Keirstead
  • Set Up/Maintenance: Michael Thiessen
  • Hospitality: Shar Lynn, Adina Lyon, Cheryl Simmonds, and others
  • Chalice Sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly
  • Chalice Logo Designer: Nancy Gilbert
  • Website Support: Karin Carlson
  • Communicator Editor: Marjorie Doyle
  • All-Church Email Bulletin: Lorie Battershilll

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Want to help setting up on Sunday mornings? Please contact Norm Cobb or Jim Gardiner.

Please refrain from taking photographs and making recordings during and after the service without the express permission of all people involved. Also, please turn off electronic devices during the service. Thank you.