Forced to be Brave: Images of my Camino

“You’re so brave”, the dentist said as he handed me a new toothbrush after my first ever cleaning and exam. I didn’t want to be brave, but Mom said I had to go.

“This is going to be a long courageous journey”, the doctor said to Ernest and I as we got the dreaded diagnosis. Courageous? I just wanted to scream.

“You’re so strong”, people said as they hugged me at the celebration of life. I didn’t want to be strong. I wanted him back.

What do you do when you lose the love of your life, your lover, your partner, your best friend? Well, if you’re me, you fly to Europe and walk 900kms to Santiago, Spain.

My “sermon” is not. Today I will share images and a few select songs from my Camino walk. The “courageous” path I took to try to make sense of it all. The difficult journey I took looking for answers and trying to figure out “what now”.

Coordinator: Sarah Cummings

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Forced to Be Brave: Images of my Camino

May 8, 2022

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Centering Thought

My mother always taught us that if people don’t agree with you, the important thing is to listen to them. But if you’ve listened to them carefully and you still think that you’re right, then you must have the courage of your convictions.

~ Jane Goodall

Centering Music

Moonshot, Buffy Sainte-Marie


Sarah Cummings

Gathering Hymn

183 The Wind of Change Forever Blown

Chalice Lighting

words by Amanda Gorman, read by Sarah Cummings

Opening Words

Come Into This Place by Margaret Weis


Love Is the Spirit, music by P.J. Buchan

Sharing and Caring

Colleen Millikin

Unison Words

Let us come into this circle of caring, and listen to those who share their joys and sorrows with us. Let the healing power of this community reach out to them, and to each of us. Let loving kindness and joy pass through us, and bring us peace. So may it be.


297 The Star of Truth


 from You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh, read by Sarah Cummings


Sarah Cummings, SHADE


When Our Heart Is In A Holy Place performed by First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


from The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, read by Sarah Cummings


348 Guide My Feet (You Tube Version, Lise’s preferred choice)


Forced to Be Brave: Images of my Camino, Lise Desrochers

Closing Hymn

1021 Lean On Me


Sarah Cummings

Closing Words

 from Henry David Thoreau

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame   


Sarah Cummings

On My Way, Danny Michel


Gratitude to all who made this service happen:

  • Leader: Lise Desrochers
  • Coordinator: Sarah Cummings
  • Tech Team: Colleen Millikin, Christina Swindells-Nader, Mel Leslie
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Colleen Millikin
  • Songleading Videos: Paul Rodermond, (former) Acting Music Director and Accompanist, P.J. Buchan, (former) Music Director, Winnipeg UU Choir
  • Centering Image: Heather Emberley
  • Editor: Josh Robern

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