Finding a Place

Speaker: Norm Cobb

Service Coordinators: Norm Cobb, Sarah Cummings

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Centering Thought

The road we travel is equal in importance to the destination we seek. There are no shortcuts. When it comes to truth and reconciliation, we are forced to go the distance.

~ Murray Sinclair

Centering Music

Aysanabee – Ocean Breath


Sarah Cummings 

Gathering Hymn  

360 Here We Have Gathered

Chalice Lighting  

A Spark of Hope by Melanie Davis, read by Sarah Cummings

Opening Words  

Call to Worship and Action by Sharon Wylie, read by Sarah Cummings


Love Is the Spirit

Sharing and Caring

Barbara Fuller

Unison Words 

Let us come into this circle of caring, and listen to those who share their joys and sorrows with us. Let the healing power of this community reach out to them, and to each of us. Let loving kindness and joy pass through us, and bring us peace. So may it be.


317 We are not our Own


Sarah Cummings       

Our Share the Plate partner for August is Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.


O Great Spirit


34 Though I May Speak with Bravest Fire


Questions from Karen Joseph, co-founder of Reconciliation Canada, read by Sarah Cummings


Norm Cobb

Closing Hymn

145 As Tranquil Streams


Norm Cobb

Closing Words

from Nancy Woods read by Norm Cobb

Chalice Extinguishing

Norm Cobb

Carry the Flame


Norm Cobb

Video: Devil Went Down to Georgia


Many thanks to:

  • Leaders: Norm Cobb
  • Coordinators: Norm Cobb, Sarah Cummings
  • Tech Team: Christina Swindels-Nader, Arthur Burstow
  • Sharing and Caring Host: Barbara Fuller
  • Songleading Videos: P.J. Buchan, Music Director, Paul Rodermond, Accompanist, and the Winnipeg UU Church Choir
  • Sanctuary chalice sculptor: Jo’Anne Kelly

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