Singing You Home

Service Leader: Rev. Irene Greenwood

Service Coordinator:  M.C. Ziegler

From womb to tomb, music is an essential part of our lives. And for much of human history, the making of music belonged to us all. Whether it be a lullaby to a newborn child, a song while jumping rope in the playground, a campfire singalong, or a hymn at the bedside, everyday people engaged in creating music. Today, much of North American society has let go of this important part of our being, leaving the making of music to professionals. This can be a loss to our living.  Especially in the final days and hours of our lives, bringing the gift of live music back to the bedside with compassionate harmonies for the ill and dying, brings comfort, hope and peace at that most significant time in our lives, and perhaps connects us with the universe.

Hymns (subject to changes/additions): 139 Wonders Still the World Shall Witness; 1002 Comfort Me; 129 Let Love Continue Long