Covenanting through Transitions: A CUC National Service

Note the time (noon Central) and different-than-usual Zoom link, which is on this page after the service information.

Congregations are experiencing a lot of change these days: from ministerial transitions to implementing the 8th Principle, all during a pandemic. Upheaval, loss, uncertainty, pain, aspirations, conflict: cultural shifts within and without are calling us to hold one another gently, despite our differences and difficulties.

Covenanting through Transition is a national service that asks us “How do we stay in covenant through all of this in our communities? How do we stay in it in a good way when it is hard, and people aren’t always their best selves, or are disappointed?” We encourage you to bring materials to help you participate in a creative ritual to express yourself during the service; art supplies, an instrument, findings from outside, whatever moves you!

How to Join the Service

Join on Zoom or on YouTube Live:

Service Coordinator: Norm Cobb