A Certainty of Honour

Stefania Sigurdsson was a longtime member of this congregation and a force of nature. She was the epitome of humourist Garrison Keillor’s tagline about Lake Wobegon – “where all the women are strong” – but she was more than just strong. Yes, she was tough and tenacious, but she was also kind and generous. And she was honourable. Stefania – or Bunny, as her closest friends called her – always reminded me of Eleanor Roosevelt and, at her memorial service, Lois Whyte read a passage from Adlai Stevenson’s eulogy for the former First Lady that ended by describing her as “a certainty of honour.” Church history too often focuses on the tenure of ministers while ignoring the critical leadership of laypersons.

Join us on March 13th when we will look for inspiration in the life of an everyday congregant.

Read the sermon that Rev. Jonasson delivered here.

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A Certainty of Honour

March 13, 2022

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Centering Thought

We all create the person we become by our choices as we go through life. In a very real sense by the time we are adult, we are the sum total of the choices we have made.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Centering Music

In These Hard Times, lyrics by Linda Hirschhorn, sung by the BFUU choir


Marian Siemens

Gathering Hymn

306 Here We Have Gathered

Chalice Lighting

Out of the Flames by Sara Eileen La Wall

Opening Words

From What Religion Means to Me by Eleanor Roosevelt (Adapted)


Love Is The Spirit

Sharing and Caring

Ashlyn Noble

Unison Words

What a miracle this is: to share these moments, to be nourished by each other’s presence, to affirm the possibilities we bring, to open ourselves to life’s renewing powers. May we approach this time we share with gratitude and hope. So may it be.


108 My Life Flows on in Endless Song


Marian Siemens

Our Share the Plate Partner this month is North Point Douglas Women’s Centre. The North Point Douglas Women’s Centre is a charitable non-profit organization that has served the community since 2002 and is a vital resource to all members of the community. The Centre is working to create a safe, healthy, and vibrant community for women and their families in North Point Douglas.
A safe place, open to all ─ we work with residents and local groups to build community through partnerships, information sharing, and advocacy.


Circle Round for Freedom performed by the First UU Winnipeg Church Choir


A Blessing for Leaders, Kye Flannery

The sound of the bell and two minutes of silence will follow the video meditation.


103 For All the Saints


Maturity and the Choices We MakeEleanor Roosevelt


A Certainty of Honour, Rev. Stefan Jonasson


1014  Answering the Call of Love


Marian Siemens


By Barbara Pescan

Chalice Extinguishing

Carry the Flame


We Will Not Stop Singing  by The Chapin Sisters, sung by First U Brooklyn Choir


Gratitude for our staff and our lay leaders who made this service happen:

  • Leader: Rev Stefan Jonasson
  • Coordinators: Marian Siemens. Sarah Paisley
  • Tech Team: Ashlyn Noble, Mel Leslie, Lori Battershill, Janet Toews
  • Candles of Caring Host: Ashlyn Noble
  • Songleader Videos: Paul Rodermond, Acting Music Director and accompanist; the FUUW Choir; Josh Robern, editor

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