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Camping Trip

For many years, our congregation has taken a group camping trip. It’s one of our truly multigenerational events that also connects us to our shared values of community and the interdependent web of all life. The global pandemic has meant adjustments to this yearly tradition, … read more.

Bright Morning Stars

Sometimes, the spiritual practices that help us the most in our lives are things we learned in our childhood, even if we move into different sustaining beliefs as adults. This Sunday, Rev. Meghann will share pieces of her personal journey through singing and experiencing folk … read more.

The Dog Days of Summer

The beginning of August is the first of the three harvest festivals of the neo-pagan year. Come join us as we delve into one of the many earth-centered holy days that teaches us lessons about how we can navigate the cycles and seasons of our … read more.


Our theme for the summer months is “spiritual practice.” For many of us, singing is one of the ways we renew ourselves and deepen our relationships with our hearts and with each other. In this service we will explore music and song as a spiritual … read more.

Self Compassion to Undercut Abelism

Communities that focus on action and productivity often celebrate achievement. Within achievement-oriented cultures, however, it can be difficult to sustain ourselves when we are not on top. The way we value ourselves can also be projected onto others. Understanding how we are prone to this … read more.

Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Join us the morning after the Winnipeg Folk Festival livestream to celebrate how its legacy has inspired our lives through music and community.

Hymns: 66 When the Summer Sun is Shining; Wayfaring Stranger; Will the Circle Be Unbroken; The Mary Ellen Carter

Service Coordinator: Steve Lennon

Connecting to … read more.

There Is a Place for Us

Many know the name P.T. Barnum, but few are also aware that he was a lifelong dedicated Universalist. On July 5th, his birthday, we will explore his nuanced and complicated life. What lessons we can learn about ourselves and the difference between our best intentions … read more.

Pilgrimage to Mt. Everest

Dalip Shekhawat is a passionate meditator, ultra runner and mountaineer, and on May 16th 2019, while simultaneously raising funds for St. Amant Centre, Dalip summited Mt. Everest. Dalip believes spiritual seekers have a head start. Through a spiritual regime of reverence and connection with nature, … read more.

I Won’t Make That Mistak Again

“Learning from others’ mistakes has taken all the fun out of making my own.”

~ Dennis van Westerborg

As much as we try to avoid making errors, it is often by our mistakes that we learn important information about ourselves. Mistakes can even lead … read more.