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Better Together

Join us for our new member recognition service in which Rev. Stefan Jonasson will discuss the spiritual importance of religious community.

Service Coordinator: Marian Siemens

April Love

April love! After the long, hard winter, we have finally made it to spring – the land moist with the generosity of melting winter snows, our spirited, giddy minds sodden with all the possibilities of the new growing season. Come join Steve for this frolic, … read more.

Navigating the Unknown

“There is no comfort or sanity except in trusting; no peace but in believing,” according to Charles G. Ames. “We must walk by faith and not by sight. For always the unknown must be more than the known…” How can we summon trust when we … read more.

Why Weighs the Heart Heavy?

Note: Daylight Savings Time begins this day.

Among the many statues on the grounds of the Legislative Building here in Winnipeg are two on the west lawn: the small but poignant Holodomor Memorial, commemorating the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide of 1932-33, and the majestic Taras Shevchenko … read more.

Vulnerable Love

One popular notion of vulnerability speaks to openness: the willingness to share authentically. For some people who are disabled or elder, vulnerability is additionally a fact of life relating to barriers and risks encountered as one moves/lives in the world. Drawing from lived experience and … read more.


As humans, we have a deep-seated need to belong – to someone, somewhere, something, at least sometimes. We seek out communities, both formal and informal ones, and when they matter to us, we may desire a deeper quality of relationship. We strive to be members … read more.