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The Lessons Grief Has Taught Me, and the Meaning of Resilience

In the 1980’s my younger brother, parents, and I arrived in Canada as refugees. We eventually settled into a new life and the people we called friends became our family. In 2015 my parents suddenly passed away which changed the trajectory of my life and challenged my view on the meaning of life.  Facing things … Continue reading The Lessons Grief Has Taught Me, and the Meaning of Resilience

The Joys and Benefits of Native Plants

Ash Burkowski, from Friends of the Living Prairie Museum, will provide an overview on why native plants are something to consider and pay attention to, including their environmental and horticultural benefits. They will discuss how natural prairies are important for climate change, preserving endangered species, and providing a way for gardeners to have a low-maintenance … Continue reading The Joys and Benefits of Native Plants

Living Out of Gratitude

You are welcomed to join in this service inviting us to live out of a gratitude base, engaging with whatever life may throw our way. This is not a naive gratitude which ignores the challenging, in order to keep a happy mask in place. Wholesome gratitude seeks the strength of a life-affirming base with which … Continue reading Living Out of Gratitude

A Cross-Shaped Tattoo

It goes without saying that we are each the sum of our experiences. We carry stories, scars, wounds, lessons – and sometimes, tattoos – from the life we’ve had. But what happens when, who we were is no longer congruent with who we are? How do we negotiate that change? In this sermon, Andre will … Continue reading A Cross-Shaped Tattoo

Summertime Singalong

Come join some UU songbirds of summer – to be in good company, to sing and sing some more, or just to listen to beautiful music and words. This will be a service of familiar hymns, wise proverbs, and human connection. See you there! Service Coordinator: Norm Cobb Connect with Zoom Connect to the service … Continue reading Summertime Singalong

Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity

While what we call artificial intelligence reveals the astonishing capacity of modern computer technology to process information, I’m not persuaded that this capacity is properly called intelligence, at least not in any meaningful human understanding of the term. Intelligence is more than the ability to manipulate data, even predictively. We really need a new term … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity