Created by Generosity: Pledging 2022-2023

We say in our church that we are self-sufficient. What we mean by that is that we believe it is a blessing to be able to govern and support our religious community ourselves—to make possible by our generosity everything we dream of and do to live out our shared values.

~ Sunday Offering

Hi UU friends,

We are finally rolling out our annual campaign for pledges. It is a time for each of us to declare what support we can offer to our community. It is also a time to reflect on the church and our relation to it.

Our church exists and thrives only because members and friends care enough to invest themselves and their resources in what we do. It is moving to see folks step up and stretch themselves in new roles to meet major challenges. It is inspiring to see us reach out through Harvest, refugee support, Bear Clan patrols, and Share the Plate with frontline groups who transform lives. We are proud to be the home of community leaders. Remarkably, “we” have been doing this in Winnipeg, through thick and thin, since 1891. Continue reading at Created by Generosity.

Mission Into Action

We ask you to contribute to your UU community, its Mission, and the activities and supports needed to make it flourish. Mission into Action summarizes congregational insights into what it means to be Caring, Learning, and Socially Engaged and considers ways to support our community and its Mission sustainably, efficiently, and effectively.  Finally, governing our rich, complex community requires thoughtful delegation to decision/planning/action teams supported by staff. Please review Mission Into Action.

A Two-Step Budget

If generosity sustains our church, its budget should reflect levels of giving. A draft Basic Budget sustains current levels of activity (i.e., no music director and no director of religious exploration) with current pledging levels but adds back the cost of administration, now done by volunteers. However, a Possibility Fund will be created to receive every dollar of increase in pledges and every dollar saved by volunteers to see if more can be afforded.
Read or download the Draft budget for 2022-2023 (PDF file).


Mission into Action adopts a mutual learning model of decision-making. We assume that each of us sees things others don’t. Tell us what you see. What do you wish others would do? What can you do? What should the Board know? Email your thoughts and insights to Please include contact information so we can continue the dialogue.


Remember to make your pledge here.