Planning with Stefan, a Congregational Workshop

Sunday, December 11, 12 to 2 p.m.

A hybrid event at the Church and by Zoom (Sunday Service link)

Let’s start a conversation with our new consulting member, Rev. Stefan Jonasson.

The focus will be on the three ministry and program clusters below. It would be good if someone from each cluster, committee or team could take two minutes to answer the question: What is most important for Stefan to know about our group? What are key issues, plans and aspirations?
Click here for the Planning with Stefan slide deck. 

See you Sunday!

Ministry and program Clusters

  1. Caring Community Cluster [worship and pastoral care]
    • Darlene Payne (Board Liaison)
    • Teams: Sunday Services, Music/Choir, Pastoral Care
    • Support: Ministers, Music Director, Zoom and A/V staff
  2. Congregational Vitality and Well-being Cluster [cross-cutting ministries]
    • Paula Keirstead and Claire Nimmagadda (Board Liaison)
    • Teams: Shared Ministry, Volunteer Resources, Membership, Congregational Relations, AIM
    • Support: Ministers, Mediation Professionals
  3. Program Cluster [learning and outreach]
    • Paula Keirstead and ??? (Board Liaison)
    • Teams: Religious Exploration (all ages), Adult Programming, Social Justice/Green Action
    • Support: Ministers, Coordinator of Life-Span Faith Development, Program staff