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Nov. 1: Movie and Art Night “Death and Popcorn and Art”

Come join for a feature movie and a collection of short videos (to be confirmed soon), or take part in an art collage exercise reflecting your life.

Event Details

When: Friday November 1st 6:30 p.m.  9 p.m.  

Where: 603 Wellington Crescent (map and parking)

Cost: Free – open to all.

Sign up: Eventbrite sign up link coming soon.

More Information

There are so many great movies and videos we are having a hard time landing on the chosen “flic” Stay tuned details to come soon. The art collage will be taking place in a room separate from the movie area.

Art collage is a wonderful meditative and reflective form of artistic expression. Create a piece that reflects your life – imagining it might for a visual eulogy. Facilitated by Rev. Meghann Robern.

Child care is available for this evening – please confirm your needs as part of the sign up. Children ok with scissors and glue are able to participate in the art collage activity.