New Social Action Opportunities – meeting April 28

Join us on Sunday, April 28 after church in the Dining Room.

We are a socially engaged community that works collaboratively, compassionately, and urgently for a just society and for our life-sustaining planet (Our Mission).

In February, activist MLA Mike Moroz invited us to join in the creation of a River Heights Council of Faith Leaders. “My staff and I are preparing information on a range of government programming that may prove to be helpful as we move forward,” he said. “Issues like housing, seniors care, community-based health care, daycare, mental health, reconciliation, immigrant settlement around both language training and employment, and arts and culture appear to be of interest to many of you.” Bromley Basford has represented our UU church at these meetings.people holding hands on a beach

Three ideas have come to the fore – a community nurse program, seniors housing, and childcare. Other projects may emerge. We probably don’t want to embark on building seniors housing, but a community nurse and childcare might be accommodated within our current facilities. Mike is seeking expressions of interest. Do we wish to be considered? Are there other possibilities to consider?

  • Community nurse. The Minister of Health is interested in a pilot and Mike wants to prepare a proposal. He suggests a nurse could rotate between churches spending a half day a week at each. In our case, for example, the nurse might visit Thursday mornings to coincide with Harvest. The Dining Room, Library, or Living Room might become temporary space for the nurse to treat or speak to clients.
  • Our basement RE space Is mostly vacant except for Sunday mornings. We have previously considered hosting a preschool, but it has never materialized. Mike proposes a single management Board for multiple facilities in River Heights to ease the administrative burden. Resources for staff and space could come from federal and provincial programs. Is this a fit for us? [Note: noise could be a problem if there is a funeral upstairs. This may be a deal-breaker.]

Both are examples of leveraging our space for social action with other resource input, like Harvest, but perhaps with fewer volunteer demands on us.

Let’s meet for an hour after church next Sunday to consider whether these or other possibilities are a fit for our Mission and capacity and decide who will attend a follow up meeting at the Legislature on Wednesday May 1.

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