New Religious Explorations Report 2022


We’re excited to share with you the work we’ve done this year with our families and congregation to envision the future RE program.

Religious Explorations Report 2022 (insert link to this line)

Guided by our Mission into Action, our consultants Deb Weiner and Lilly Rappaport gathered feedback through focus groups and online surveys, interviews with families, individuals, lay leaders, former teachers, and those who used to have children in our RE program. In all, they connected with nearly one third of our congregation. The input Deb and Lilly gathered was used to develop recommendations living into our Unitarian Universalist commitment to learning and growing.

They confirmed that we have a unique opportunity to imagine and build

Recommendations include:

  • Re-entry planning for RE that reflects our COVID policy to re-examine all aspects of congregational life in which families, children, and youth might engage.
  • Newer models of teaching and learning that fits the needs of today’s families.
  • A variety of curriculum recommendations for all ages.
  • Detailed timeline for implementation.

Our families, children, and youth are here today, eager to participate and live the UU ministry of the future. Through our Mission, this congregation is committed to offering “learning experiences for children, youth, families, and adults” and “adopt[ing] a mutual learning model of leadership…”

Rob Malo and Debby Lake invite you to join in leaning into this wonderful work. Contact Debby at 204-451-4139 (phone or text) and