Lots of Compliments on our new parking lot!!

We can all do the happy dance of joy on a newly paved parking lot that has been more than 20 years in the planning. Congratulations to all of us for helping to make this big (and expensive) project a completed reality.

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Thank Yous

We have a few special thank yous that are very important. Firstly, to Peter Hill Carrol and Larry Phillips who have been shepherding this project in a very hands-on way for the last three years. There has been a lot of follow up with architects, contractors, engineers, and City of Winnipeg permits and zoning. We could not have done this major capital project with­out Peter and Larry. We also want to thank our A-Team for working hard to obtain a special grant in the amount of $20,000 from the Winnipeg Foundation. And, of course, a major thank you to the Winnipeg Founda­tion for the generosity and support they have shared with us. We have a long relationship with the Win­nipeg Foundation with the Margret Benedictsson Trust Fund that pays us annually on the investment earnings as well as a previous grant for $5000 many years ago

The images shared show you the beautiful new parking lot in case you have not been by the church lately. There are 38 official parking spots, as well as three more for staff. We have two designated accessible parking spots and can install signage for two additional spots closest to the main walkway to reserve spaces for people with mobility limitations. The parking lot now has painted lines to help get us used to the new configuration. Bike parking is on a paved space close the front door area and overflow could be on the grass area as well. We are delighted to have new soil and sod in the centre area and hopefully this will help reduce the weeds we have seen over that last number of years. With the changed alignment we now need to ensure no parking in the driveway loop, especially at the entrance area. This area has always been the fire lane with signs to indicate no parking. As before we still have overflow parking options along Wellington Crescent and next door at the empty Children’s Rehab Centre.

We have been getting very posi­tive feedback from rental clients who saw us before the paving and are most appreciative of the new fin­ished surface. Nice to know that our rental business is being positively impacted with the completion of the parking lot.

We are so pleased to finally have a com­pleted front yard for our property – well almost completed. We should probably look at replacing our church sign sometime in the not too distant future. Although the updated banners do add a fresh touch and now also nicely profile our online services, it would be wonder­ful to see signage with lighting and LED messaging, perhaps sometime in the next 20 years!

Enjoy the new parking lot and thanks everyone for your support. We all played an important part in making this project happen with our generous financial contribu­tions towards the annual care and stewardship of our faith community. Thank you all.

The Winnipeg Foundation

The Winnipeg FoundationThe Winnipeg Foundation connects donors from all walks of life with local charitable organizations that help our city flourish, for all. The Foundation is an endowment-based organization which means gifts received are pooled and invested. The income generated provides a stable source of support for our community For Good. Forever.The Foundation makes community grants to charitable organizations in support of the following Cause areas: Arts, Culture & Heritage, Children, Youth & Families, Environment & Animal Welfare, Health, Wellness & Recreation, Literacy, Education & Employment. In 2019, it distributed $57.5 million to the community.

Established in 1921, The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation. Today, it is a leader in what has become an international philanthropic movement. to obtain hand dry­ers as part of an environmental shift away from paper towels. We hope to continue working with the Winni­peg Foundation and perhaps obtain additional support for other capital projects such as the elevator.