We are located at 603 Wellington Crescent, just over the Maryland bridge on the South side of the Assiniboine River. View Map

Getting Here

You are encouraged to ride your bike or take uubusstopsWinnipeg Transit. We have a bike rack available for you to lock your bike. Additionally, every Sunday during summer months, from dawn to dusk, cars are discouraged to use Wellington Crescent so that it can be used as a bike/walking/jogging path.

If you are taking Winnipeg Transit, there are several bus stops across the street (Academy). Routes 20, 29 and 99 run on Sunday mornings and stop at these bus stops; routes 17, 10 and several others stop within a 10 minute walk. Please see the route information, here.

If you are driving East on Academy, please note that there is a cement barrier on Harrow and Academy preventing left (North) turns from Academy onto Harrow (going to Wellington). While travelling East on Academy, turn left before Harrow (no left turn permitted onto Wellington at the lights). If you miss the turn, you can turn right on Wellington Crescent or continue past the lights over the bridge, and then in both cases double-back.


Parking is available in our church parking lot. Overflow parking is available on the street and at the far west end of the Rehabilitation Hospital. Please do not park in the driveways or fire lanes, or at the East end of the Rehabilitation Hospital (closest to the church) used by the Variety Club. If we park where we should not, they will be fined and we will lose the privilege, so, please, be considerate.

In the event that you have trouble walking and find all the spaces close to the church occupied when you arrive, leave your car in the drive near the main entrance of the church, and then ask the greeters to find someone who will park your car and retrieve it for you after the service. We have willing volunteers who want to make sure everyone who wants can come to church. If you are able bodied, please consider parking farther from the doorways so that those who need close by spots can use them.

We do have sufficient handicapped parking in consideration of those who cannot walk far. If you need a handicap sticker so you can use these spaces, please know these are very easy to obtain. Please speak to a member of the Pastoral Care Team at the Pastoral Care Table in the sanctuary for information about how to apply for one.