Library Committee

Library Committee

Team Members

  • Jeanne Towle, Chair
  • Lorie Battershill
  • Marilyn Brooke
  • Rosemary George

Do you have book suggestions for our Library collection? Do you have questions or concerns for the Library Committee team? We’d love to hear from you! Call one of us, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The mandate of the Library Committee is to manage, promote and provide access to a local collection of liberal religious resources with emphasis on Unitarian/Universalism in order to provide support to liberal religious education for church members and friends and the broader religious and academic community.


The committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Managing the library collection e.g. ordering, cataloguing, shelving, circulating, following up overdue material, conducting semi-annual shelf reading, annual inventory, and other duties as the occur in relation to the library.
  2. Developing and revising guidelines and procedures for the Library e.g. ordering/donations, cataloguing, shelving, and circulating the collection, and any other aspects of running the library.
  3. Ensuring current and accurate access to the library through maintaining the online catalogue on Library Thing.
  4. Participating in the development of strategies to utilize the library in the larger context of Lifespan Learning and related educational activities
  5. Providing direction and making recommendation to the Board with regard to the special library requirements e.g. a computer in the library for access to the catalogue.
  6. Developing strategies to promote library usage e.g. book reviews, book displays, etc.
  7. Reporting on Committee projects to the Board through the Cluster Leader.
  8. Communicating with other Chairs regarding overlaps in Committee projects e.g. potential support to Lifespan Learning and other adult education programs, and possible correlation with RE Director where relevant e.g. joint book ordering.

Updated: January 2015