Religious Exploration for youth (13 through 20) is about more than what happens at church on Sunday mornings.  Youth and adult Youth Advisors work together to co-create a Web of Youth Ministry, a model comprised of eight interconnected elements.

Youth Group runs on Sunday mornings from 10:30 until about noon.  Youth often begin the morning with the rest of the congregation in the sanctuary, before being sung out to their group.

Several times a year we worship all together in services intended for all ages, and youth take leadership roles in one service a year for the whole church, as well as creating worship several times a year just for youth.

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In 2008 the congregation created a Vision Statement for Religious Exploration for all ages, which guides our programs.  


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Youth Group (13-20 years old)

The web of youth ministry invites teens to engage with Unitarian Universalism in many ways: through spiritual development, pastoral care, justice making, multigenerational relationships and more. Grounded in their congregation through attending worship, connections and involvement in the life of the church, youth also gather in a “huddle” - youth group - and with UU youth across the country.

This year youth explore Unitarian Universalism, race, death, and money. They have the option of travelling to Calgary for a Western youth con Oct 13-15 and to Hamilton for a national con (CanUUdle) May 18-21. They raise money to subsidize their travel expenses. If cost is the only thing preventing youth from travelling, they are encouraged to have a confidential conversation with the DLFD or the Minister.


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